2021 U.S. Junior National Championships in North Carolina Announced

USAB is excited to announce the release of the 2021 USAB Junior National Championships prospectus. Click HERE for the full prospectus.
This tournament will be held June 21-28 in the Cabarrus Arena in North Carolina. We are looking forward to seeing the junior athletes compete again as it has been a challenging time with COVID pandemic prohibiting us from hosting a competition. We hope that you are excited as well to compete and to see fellow athletes again! 
1. Will the tournament last all seven days?
We cannot predict the number of entries and strongly recommend that you book changeable flights
2. Will we be able to check out of the hotels before our reservation ends without penalty?
Yes, if you leave early you will not be charged for additional nights but you will be charged if you stay beyond the checkout time

3. How do I enter this tournament?
Please create an account with tournament software, enter your events and go to PayPal to pay your entry fees

 4. Can I play in the tournament if I am not a US citizen?
No, the 2021 Junior Nationals are only open to US citizens because this year Junior Nationals is a selection event for the Junior Pan American Championships, which is only for US citizens
5. In case the tournament is canceled, will I receive a full refund of my entry fee?
Yes, you will receive a full refund
6. Are the hotels walking distance from the badminton Hall?
No they are approximately 12-15 minutes away by car
7. What is the maximum number of events I can enter?
Players may enter a maximum of 3 events with a maximum of 2 singles or 2 doubles events. The 3 events entered may only span 2 age groups e.g., U13 GS – U15 GD – U15 XD or U15 GS – U17 GS – U15 XD is acceptable, but U13 GS – U15 GD – U17 XD is not acceptable. However, points accrued playing in an older age group cannot be applied in the younger age group in which the player competes.
8. If I qualify for Junior Pan Am Championships in more than one age group in the same event what will happen?
You, the player, will select the age group in which you will be entered in that event in the Pan Am Championships at the conclusion of the Junior Nationals.
*In the Junior Pan American Championships, each selected player is allowed to play in a higher age category, as long as he/she does not play in that/those (events) in his/her own age category*
9. Can I bring outside food into the Cabarrus arena?
No Cabarrus has food vendors inside the arena
10. How many coaching chairs will be there be at the back of each Court?
One. There will only be one coach allowed on each side of each court