Advisory Council & Groups

USOPC and USAB Athletes Representative Council

According to USOPC, the Athletes Representative Council (ARC) is responsible for broadening communication between the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee and active athletes. The ARC serves as a source of input and advice to the USOPC board of directors.

USAB is proud to have an ARC that consists of a diversity of athletes that represent the badminton community and its values. The USAB Athlete Representative Council (ARC) is a seven-member council that is comprised of volunteer athletes and elected by athletes. Think of this council as athlete representatives for all USAB athletes.

The seven-member council is composed of at least one Paralympic Athlete representative, two United States Olympic Paralympic Council (USOPC) Athlete representatives and three additional USAB elected athletes. The USOPC athlete representatives and the USAB elected athletes each have their own eligibility requirements/procedures to conduct the elections for athletes wanting to run for the USAB ARC. Here are your athlete representatives:

Rena Wang – Athlete Director, USOPC ACC Primary Representative, USAB International Federation Delegate
Dung Truong – Chair USAB Athlete Representative Council
Amy Burnett – Athlete Director, USAB ARC Representative
James Young – Athlete Director, USAB ARC Representative
Richard Alcaraz – USOPC AAC Alternative Representative
Chinue De La Merced – USAB ARC Representative
Benny Luo – USAB ARC Representative

USAB Advisory Groups

USAB is proud to have volunteers who provide their expertise and lead our advisory groups. Please see the advisory groups and the corresponding USAB representatives who head these groups:

Adult Rankings
AthletesRena Wang
Badminton World Federation & Pan Am Jamie Subandhi
CoachingLinda French
Collegiate Jamie Subandhi
High Performance Alistair Casey
Juniors Alistair
Para-Badminton Steve Kearney
Club Locker & Junior Rankings USAB
Tournaments Thai