2021-2022 Junior Tournaments Update

Dear junior players, parents, and other interested parties,

While USAB is excited to bring you the junior tournaments, there have been logistical challenges to achieving club compliance and readiness to host events.  Thank you to all of our member clubs who have come forward to host.  We deeply appreciate your commitment to providing the competition opportunities to our junior players.

USAB is pleased to release the prospectus for the 2021 USAB Closed Regional Championship for Northern California to be held at Elite Badminton Center.  Click here for the full prospectus.  No ranking points from CRCs will be calculated into the rankings until each Region has been able to run their CRC as was agreed by the Junior Advisory Group.  CRCs are 15% ranking tournaments.

We plan to post the Prospectus for the Open Local Championships to be held at Egret Badminton Center in the Chicago area by tomorrow. OLCs are 15% ranking tournaments.

No athletes will be allowed to enter two age groups in the same event (singles, doubles or mixed doubles) in the 2021-2022 junior season (a possible exception for Junior Nationals still to be discussed by JAG & TOAG)  Our Technical Officials examined this issue carefully and thoroughly and have determined that it is logistically and mathematically not possible in the shorter tournaments to allow a player to enter two age groups in the same event.  We will look for a future solution as we understand some players would like to specialize in one event.

Additionally, USAB plans to hold a Selection Event for Junior Pan Am Championships on and around the weekend of April 15-17, 2022.   We do not plan to cap the event on ranking.  In order to ensure only experienced players participate, each entrant will be required to play in a minimum of two USAB or BWF tournaments in the 2021-2022 season prior to the Selection event.  We may need to have the event on four days depending on the number of entries. The Selection event will be main draw with feed-in consolation or pool play based on number of entries.

We are working with our new IT partner and IT committee to work on the ranking system.

Thank you for your dedication to badminton and your efforts on behalf of USAB.

Linda French 
USAB CEO / Secretary General