Coaching Pass

What is a USA Badminton Coaching Pass?
The USA Badminton Coaching Pass is a required accreditation for individuals that want to coach an athlete at a USA Badminton sanctioned tournament. The Coaching Pass must be applied for annually and can be applied for at any time, but every Coaching Pass will expire on the same date during each junior season. USA Badminton only recognizes those coaches certified through the USAB/BWF coaching pathway.

The 2022-2023 Coaching Pass will be valid from June 16, 2022 to June 15, 2023.

The 2023-2024 Coaching Pass will be valid from June 16, 2023 to June 15, 2024.

The Coaching Pass verifies that a coach has completed the BWF Coach Education Level 1 Online Component, has passed background screening, and has completed the SafeSport training that helps keep our minor athletes safe.

Does the Coaching Pass application require the in-person portion of the BWF Coach Education Level 1 course?
To become a USAB certified coach, an individual must complete the online course at Please note that the online portion of the coaching course is free and will allow you to submit a Coaching Pass application. There is a fee required for the in-person assessment to fully complete the BWF Coach Education Level 1 training but is not required at this time for a Coaching Pass.

What should I do if my USAB membership/background check/SafeSport training is expired?
Complete the requirement that needs action (renewing membership, submitting a new background check, or completing the necessary SafeSport refresher course) and notify

Applying for a Coaching Pass

USA Badminton requires every coach seeking a Coaching Pass to have:

  1. Unexpired USAB membership,
  2. Background screening through NCSI (expires two years after clear date),
  3. SafeSport training (needs refresher course annually)

For more information on how to complete the above requirements, visit our membership page.

Following completion of the membership requirements, the coach must also:

  1. Complete the BWF Coach Education Level 1 Online Component and email the certificate of completion to,
  2. Upload a passport-style picture uploaded to membership platform.
  3. Submit the application for the Coaching Pass below.
    (Note that the prospectus of each tournament will have a Coaching Pass application deadline. Following that deadline, a Coaching Pass for that tournament will have a late application fee that will allow a Coaching Pass to be processed late up until three days prior to the tournament.)

USA Badminton 2023-2024 Coaching Pass Application

$ 60
  • Requirements
  • Current, active, and unexpired USA Badminton membership
  • Current, active, unexpired SafeSport training (needs renewal after one year)
  • Current, unexpired background check (expires after two years)
  • Certificate of competion of online component for BWF Coach Education Level 1 course
  • Picture uploaded to membership platform