Cancellation of 2021 BWF World Junior Championship Selection Event

Dear USAB members,
We have decided that the World Junior Championships selection event, after much deliberation and in consideration of the recent outbreak of the Delta variation of COVID, will be canceled.
Three clubs expressed interest in hosting the event by the deadline. Only one of the applications was from a USAB compliant member club. That club was Synergy Fremont, and we selected Synergy Fremont as Host. Yesterday, Synergy withdrew from consideration as Host. This week the county (Alameda County) in which Synergy is located imposed a mask mandate for all indoor spaces. USAB would be, by law, required to enforce the mask mandate during competitive play. We believe this would be both a hardship and unsafe for our athletes as they participate in a competitive selection event.
Therefore we will use the recent Junior National results as stated in the Junior National Prospectus to select the World Junior Championships Team.
The prospectus states, “in the event we cannot hold the trial for the World Junior Championships, the Junior National Championships will also serve as the selection event for the World Junior Championships.”
The World Junior Championships remain on the BWF schedule for October 4-17, 2021. A location for the event has yet to be announced by BWF.
Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.