Junior Tournament Update – Frisco ORC

We are concerned about the recent rise in COVID cases.
If you do not want your child to participate in the upcoming South ORC, scheduled January 15-17, we will be accepting withdrawals and issuing full refunds. 
The deadline for withdrawals with refunds will be Noon, Pacific time on January 5, 2022.
To withdraw, please email both:
Tournament Director: Cora Tanuwidjaja – Email: cora.tanuwidjaja@gmail.com
Referee: Rudy Gunawan – Email: rudygwei@gmail.com
We will take the following safety measures at the Frisco ORC
1.  Only one parent/guardian with each player will be allowed in the gym for each match, parent must leave the gym immediately following their child’s match,  Credentials will be distributed and must be worn for entry.
2. Players must leave gym immediately following their line judging  duties
3.  a volunteer will escort the parents of players who have completed their match and the line judges out of the gym. Umpires will remind and make sure the players stay on court for line judging. 
4. Players can only enter the indoor staging area 30 minutes before their scheduled match. We will have temperature checks at entry. Access  to this area will be controlled by volunteers who will check the tournament schedule.
5. There will be no practice court in the indoor staging area.   Only hitting warm-up will be on court for two minutes prior to the match.
6. Coaches are only allowed in the gym if they are in a coach chair,- between matches they must exit gym
7. Masks must be worn by everyone at all times except when playing or officiating a match.
8. No spectators will be allowed.
9. A waiver form agreeing to these rules must be signed by all parents prior to participation
Please know that we want our players to have the opportunity to participate. in the tournament.  We want to provide as safe an environment as possible and we hope that if you decide to have your child participate, you will cooperate and assist the volunteers and technical officials to implement these measures.
We completely understand that as a parent, you must make the decision that you feel is best for your child and your family.  If you decide to withdraw, please do so before the Noon, Pacific time, January 5th deadline in order for us to issue a full refund.
The technical officials must start the final planning and scheduling for the event on January 5th, which is why we set that as the refund deadline.
After Noon Pacific time on January 5th,  we will not issue refunds unless the entire event is canceled.
The rest of this season’s schedule is currently under review.
Thank you for your support.