U.S. players take to the courts at Guatemala Future Series 2021

Photo Credit: BadmintonPhoto

Play began at the Guatemala Future Series 2021 in Guatemala, Guatemala on November 11, 2021, as the U.S. fielded nine players spanning all five events. 

In men’s singles, Saketh Upadhya retired down 5-11 in the second game against Canada’s Anthony Nguyen. 

Sri Kolla fell 9-21, 9-21 against Ruben Castellanos, the No. 1 seed from Guatemala. 

Justin Ma won 21-9, 21-10 against Guatemala’s Roberto Andreé Santos Diaz, then 21-8 and 21-5 against Guatemala’s Diego Trujillo Marrero, and finally 22-20 and 21-16 against Guatemala’s No. 4 seed Antonio Emanuel Ortiz. 

Don Henley Averia won 21-10 and 21-11 against Guatemala’s José Daniel Ochoa, then defeated Peru’s Adriano Viale Aguirre in three games, losing the first 17-21 before pulling through 21-10 and 21-17 in the next two. Following this, Averia won 21-11 and 21-17 against Guatemala’s No. 2 seed Christopher Alexander Martinez Salvador. 

Enrico Asuncion started with a tough first match against Guatemala’s No. 3 seed Yeison Esleiter Del Cid Alvarez, losing the first match 12-21 before winning 21-16 and 21-11. Asuncion won 21-13 and 21-11 against El Salvador’s Javier Armando Alas.

On Friday, Asuncion will face Guatemala’s No. 1 seed Ruben Castellanos in the semifinals. In the other semifinals match, U.S. players Justin Ma and Don Henley Averia will face off. 

In women’s singles, Ishika Jaiswal won 22-20 and 21-19 against Canada’s Alexandra Mocanu, winning 22-20 and 21-19, then went three games against Guatemala’s No. 4 seed Gonzalez Ana Pamela, first losing 18-21 and then winning 21-11 and 21-4. Meanwhile, U.S. No. 2 seed Lauran Lam won 21-12 and 21-12 against Canada’s Eliana Zhang before battling Guatemala’s Luisa Santizo Alfaro, winning 21-4 and 21-10. 

On Friday, Jaiswal will face Guatemala’s No. 1 seed Nikte Alejandra Sotomayor in the semifinals while Lam will face Peru’s Fernanda Munar Solimano. 

In men’s doubles, Enrico Asuncion and Don Henley Averia won 21-14 and 21-16 against Guatemala’s Yeison Esleiter Del Cid Alvarez and José Daniel Ochoa. The U.S. pair will face Guatemala’s No. 1 seeded pair Solis Jonathan and Anibal Marroquin in the semifinals. 

In women’s doubles, Nicole Frevold and Ishika Jaiswal won 21-5, 21-10 against El Salvador’s Fatima Beatriz Centeno Fuentes and Daniela Hernandez. Meanwhile, Lauren Lam and Kodi Tang Lee won 21-15, 21-12 against Guatemala’s No. 2 seeded pair Alejandra Jose Paiz Quan and Mariana Isabel Paiz Quan. 

On Friday, Frevold and Jaiswal will represent the U.S. in the semifinals against Guatemala’s No. 1 seeded pair Diana Corleto Soto and Nikte Alejandra Sotomayor. Meanwhile, Lam and Lee will face Canada’s Camille Leblanc and Eliana Zhang. 

In mixed doubles, Enrico Asuncion and Kodi Tang Lee won 21-9, 21-15 against Guatemala’s José Daniel Ochoa and Luisa Santizo Alfaro. They fell 9-21, 14-21 in the quarterfinals to Guatemala’s No. 1 seeded pair Solis Jonathan and Diana Corleto Soto. Meanwhile, Sri Kolla and Nicole Frevold won 24-22, 24-22 against Guatemala’s Christopher Alexander Martinez Salvador and Mariana Isabel Paiz Quan. They next faced Guatemala’s Diego Trujillo Marrero and Mariana Palacios Castillo, winning 21-5 and 21-10. 

Kolla and Frevold will represent the U.S. in the semifinals against Canada’s No. 2 seeded pair Thien Quan Nicolas Nguyen and Alexandra Mocanu.

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