Name: Ryan Gioffreda
Birthplace: Maryland
Hometown: Timonium, Maryland
Training at/Club: Loch Raven Badminton Club

Q. What are your goals for badminton?

A. One day I would love the experience of participating in the Paralympics. My goal is to someday be able to tell my family that I was a true Paralympian.

What is your favorite thing about the sport of badminton?

A. I enjoy playing alongside my friends and meeting others. I love the rush of the game, even if I win or lose. The experience is everything.

Q. Tell us one fun fact about you.

A. Before a game, I listen to the song “the Sound of Silence” and when games don’t go the way I’d like, I watch “The Office” to make me laugh.

Career highlights:

Bronze – 2020 Peru Mens Doubles

Bronze – 2018 Peru PanAm Mixed Doubles

Participated in the Switzerland Badminton World Championships – what a fantastic experience!