Tentative Junior Tournament Schedule for 2021-2022

Dear USAB members,
Please review the following TENTATIVE Junior Tournament Schedule for 2021-2022. Be aware that dates or locations may change due to the ever-changing situation of the pandemic and other factors and ensure that any flights you schedule have REFUNDABLE TICKETS. Check the updated Junior Tournament Schedule and USA Badminton emails for any updates.
Vaccines for participants may be mandated by the county in which the tournament is held.
CRC results will not be included in the ranking system until a CRC has been conducted in each Region. We may also be revising the ranking system as we have moved to a new membership/ranking platform. The USAB Board is forming an IT committee to work on the rankings and more news will be forthcoming.
Please be patient as this is a change after many years on our former system.
DatesTournament NameRegionHost ClubType of Tournament
11/6/21 – 11/7/212021 Egret OLCMidwestEgret Badminton ClubOLC
11/20/21 – 11/21/212021 NW CRCNWSeattle Badminton ClubCRC
11/26/21 – 11/28/212021 NE ORCNETBDORC
12/18/21 – 12/20/212021 HPBC NW ORCNWHarbor Pointe Badminton ClubORC
12/27/21 – 12/29/212022 SoCal ORCSoCalSGVBC/ArenaORC
1/15/22 – 1/17/222022 South Frisco ORCSouthFrisco BadmintonORC
2/5/22 – 2/6/222022 MBC CRCMidwestMBCCRC
2/19/22 – 2/21/222022 Synergy NorCal ORCNorCalSynergy BadmintonORC
2/26/22 – 2/27/222022 SoCal Dave Freeman OLCSoCal OLC
5/28/22 – 5/30/222022 SPBA MW ORCMidwestSPBAORC
TBD – TBD2022 NorCal CRCNorCalElite BadmintonCRC