U.S. medals in four events at Guatemala International Series

On Sunday, the U.S. had players in three finals at the Guatemala International Series 2021 held in Guatemala City, Guatemala. 

In women’s doubles, Francesca Corbett and Allison Lee represented the U.S. against Guatemala’s Gonzalez Ana Pamela and Karolina Orellana Ardon. Corbett and Lee won 21-12 and 21-4 to claim a gold medal.

In women’s singles, Jennie Gai represented the U.S. against India’s Samayara Panwar. Gai claimed the gold medal with a 21-6 and 21-9 win.

In mixed doubles, Joshua Yuan and Allison Lee represented the U.S. against Canada’s Ty Alexander Lindeman and Josephine Wu. The U.S. pair would fall 17-21 and 8-21 to the Canadian pair and claim the silver medal. 

The U.S. also had two bronze medalists with Francesca Corbett in women’s singles and Vinson Chiu and Joshua Yuan in men’s doubles.

Click here for the results of the finals.